Frequently Asked Questions

Shuan FAQ

  • Who should buy Shaun?

    Anyone looking to start an online community business like tiktok, instagram, twiiter…. can use Shaun.

  • Differences between ShaunSocial and mooSocial?

    ShaunSocial: is the new product from our company, it's also PHP social network platform it's good for you if you plan to build a content-driven social network like twitter, tiktok....

    mooSocial: If you plan to build a social site that allows your member to connect and share with family and friends online like what fb, linkedin......, please go with mooSocial. 

  • Is there any recurring or hidden fee?

    License fee is a one-time purchase model (no recurring fees at all). It's Self-hosted software that needs to be installed on a server. For supporting and downloading new version, you may need to pay the fee but it’s optional fee (only pay whenever you need the support or download a new version)

  • What is the technology stack used?

    ShaunSocial is built using a Cutting-Edge tech stack that allows you to scale your business without worrying about the core. Please click here for more information (Here go to tech stack page)

  • I don’t have a domain yet. Can I still purchase Shaun?

    Yes! You can purchase Shaun now and update your registered domain name later.

  • Can I sell my website in the future?

    Yes, you're free to sell your website but not your Shaun license since the licenses are non-transferable. In other words, if you choose to sell your website which contains a Shaun license on it, the new owner would need to purchase their own license. What many clients do is simply incorporate the cost of the new license into the sale price of the website and purchase a new license on behalf of the new owner.

  • Do you offer a trial version?

    Yes, Please check create trial site here  

  • Can I get a refund for my purchase?

    Please check the refund policy here

  • Is the source code encrypted?

    No, you have 100% access to the source code

  • What payment gateway does Shaun support?

    Shaun has a built-in ewallet, you can top up the wallet using online payment gateway like paypal, stripe…then can use the money inside the ewallet to purchase things inside the platform. The ewallet is not availablel yet in version 1.0 but will be at next coming version

  • How to extend my support service and download subscription?

    You can do that at your client dashboard  

  • Where can I send a support request?

    Please send an email to to raise a support ticket.

  • What is the hourly development charge?

    Our standard hourly development charges start from $25 per hour. If your project requires more than 100 hours of work, we are open to negotiation. You can also hire our developer resource (full-stack engineer) at a fixed monthly cost of USD 3200.
    Presale call/demo information
    Whatsapp id +84913638785, Time zone GMT +7. Business hrs is Mon - Fri (8am -> 17PM)

  • Is Shaun compatible with GDPR?

    Yes, it’s

  • Do you provide a custom template/design?

    Yes. If you'd like to change the UI & UX - please contact us for the pricing or you can do it by yourself if you’re familiar with the tech stack of the platform.

  • Can I upgrade my license?

    Yes, you can upgrade to better package anytime by paying the price difference

  • Can I hire Shaun to write custom plugins/customizations?

    Yes, we’re happy to help.

  • How long does it take to get a response from support?

    Response times vary based on ticket volume but we do our best to respond to all tickets within several hours during business hours, or the next business day if submitted during off hours.

  • How long do I get support after purchase?

    Up to 6 months

  • What type of issues does support cover?

    Our support team will assist with initial Software installation, general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script. We cannot assist with customization of the script.

  • Do I get support with my purchase?

    After purchasing a license, you will receive up to 6 months FREE support service via our ticket system, online chat or client community

  • Will I lose all my users if I upgrade?

    All user data and settings will be retained after upgrading. Make sure you fully backup your site before upgrading.

  • Can Shaun be installed in a subdirectory or subdomain?

    Yes,You can install it on any location on your server.

  • Can I extend my support service?

    Yes, support service can be purchased for $39/month.

  • Can I redistribute or resell Shaun?

    No, you are not allowed to redistribute or resell Shaun in any way.

  • If I upgrade to a new version, will I lose my customizations or admin panel settings?

    This depends on what type of customizations you’ve made. If you’ve simply created new files and linked to them from ShaunSocial, it’s unlikely that you will lose any customizations you’ve made. If you’ve edited the core code and you overwrite it with the new files from the upgrade package, you may lose your customizations. To avoid this, please make sure you fully backup before upgrading, use the compare tool to compare and merge changes that you made into the new core code. We do provide upgrading service so contact us if you’re not sure what you should do.

  • Do I need more than one license if I’m installing Shaun on several subdomains/directories?

    Yes, every installation of Shaun requires a license. However, you are entitled to create a second private installation for development purposes provided it's not publicly accessible.

  • How many licenses do I need?

    Each license is valid for a single public installation of the software, regardless of domains. You are of course welcome to create a private copy for development purposes.

  • Is my billing information kept private when I purchase?

    Absolutely. In fact, we never see or store your billing information on our servers. Your information is processed via paypal secure payment gateway.

  • How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?

    You will receive your download information very shortly after purchase..

  • How many users can Shaun support?

    Shaun is built using the latest technology so that it’s very fast and scalable. The concurrent users that it can handle is primarily dependent on the capabilities of your server and your server configuration.

  • Do you offer an installation of upgrades?

    We do offer an upgrade installation service, the cost of the upgrading service will depend on how many hours we need to spend to re-apply any customizations you've made so far.

  • Do I have to pay extra to remove any mentions of Shaun?

    No, absolutely not.

  • What are the server requirements?


    PHP 8.1+

    MySQL 5+

    PHP extensions: Ctype, cURL, DOM, Fileinfo, Filter, Hash, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PCRE, Tokenizer, XML, GD, Zip

    Memory Limit: 128M+

  • Is it easy to translate the software?

    Yes, very easy.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Currently, we accept Paypal, Visa/Master card (via Paypal), Western Union and MoneyGram

  • Do you offer custom service?

    Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service. Please contact us for more details

  • Do I need to have any Shaun branding on my site?

    Absolutely not. Unlike other products, we do not force you to have our branding on your site

  • Can I modify the software to meet my requirements?

    Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish.

  • How much does it cost to renew my update subscription?

    $49 for every 12 months.

  • What happens after my update subscription expires?

    You can renew your update subscription for a minimal cost. Otherwise, you can continue using the software on your site.

  • Will I be able to download updates in the future if I buy it now?

    Yes, all updates are free to download as long as your software update subscription is active. Each license includes a 12 months update subscription

  • Does your license expire?

    No, Shuan License does not expire. It is a perpetual license and you can use our software indefinitely

  • How many members can join an online community based on Shaun?

    There is no limit on the number of users