Blue checkmark

Having the blue checkmark on social media has many benefits, including social proof, the ability to trust followers, follower growth, and increased authority. ShaunSocial also has option that allows you to enable the blue checkmark for your member. There are two ways to enable blue checkmark for a member

  1. Send a verification request to site admin.

If the blue checkmark option is enable, as regular member you can send a verification request to site admin to ask for blue checkmark enable at your profile by clicking on the “Verify profile” button at your own profile page.

Submit the verification document and waiting for admin to review. System will auto delete all the verification document after the review process is done.

Admin will get a notification whenever a new request is submit and can reject or approve in admin panel

Member will get notification if the request is rejected or approved

2. Manually verify member at “user manager” section in admin panel

As admin, you have a right to set anyone in your site as verified or not verified. Please go to admin panel -> content manager -> users

Click on “Verify/Unverify” action to manually set a user as verified/not verified user

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