How to configure Stripe payment gateway?

You can enable Stripe payment gateway to allow your member to deposit funds into eWallet thru Stripe payment gateway. Below are steps

Access to admin panel -> Site settings -> Gateway manager

Click on “Edit” option of the “Stripe” option and fill in all required info into the setting form.

Please google to know how to get api secret key and app publishable key from stripe to fill in into the “api secret key”, “app publishable key” and “webhook singing secret”

Sanbox: to test, you need to enter sanbox key “api secret key”, “app publishable key” and “webhook singing secret” to test the stripe using sanbox mode. Don’t forget to enter the LIVE key after testing is complete.

Active: allow you to enable/disable the Stripe payment gateway.

After all of the information in the above form are proper configuration. You member can start using the Stripe to deposit fund to eWallet then can use funds in eWallet to make payment for products/service in your social website.

Importance: on Apps, the Stripe can’t be used. we have to enable in-app purchase. Contact us for more details if you enable payment gateway on mobile Apps

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