Upgrade Shaun

Upgrading ShaunSocial is even a simpler process than installing. There are a few things you need to know and do before the upgrading process.

Download the latest release available from Client area
Unzip the downloaded file on your hard drive
Make sure to backup entire site before upgrading
Do take your site offline using “Take Site Offline” and “Offline Message” in System Settings
It is recommended that you create a testing site then do the upgrade there first. Once everything is ok, proceed to upgrade the live

Step 1: Upload all files and folders within ShaunSocial directory to the same location where the previous version was installed so that the new files overwrite existing ones.

Step 2: Run the Upgrading Wizard by accessing the Upgrade URL in the web browser, the url will be youradminurl/upgrade. You will see the upgrading screen like the below screenshot

Step 3: Click on “Install Update” to start the upgrading process

Step 4: Click on “Next step” and wait the the upgrading process to finish

Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded ShaunSocial. Enjoy the latest and greatest!

*Clear Global Caches tool in Admin Home helps us clearing old caches, this should be done after upgrading process.

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