Song manager

Stories is a great module that allows your member to create engaging content on your social website to keep users engaged, entertained, and glued to their screens for a long time. In this article, we will guide you how to manage the songs that allow member to select to attach into the story.

Go to admincp -> Story -> Songs

You can manage all the audio (songs) that allows member to pick to attach the story here. For each song, you can edit or delete at the.

Click on “Create new” to create a new song into the list

Name: Enter the name of the song

File: select file (.mp3 format) from computer to upload

Active: select if you want to publish the song for people to select when adding story

Default: will auto appear inside the list for member to select instead of searching the song by song name to add. It’s recommend to enable this option.

After the song is added, you can edit and delete it. See the screenshot below

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