What is ShaunSocial Cloud?

If you do not have IT skills and want to build a social network, ShaunSocial cloud is the most suitable option. Cloud option is a combination of ShaunSocial and hosting server provided by ShaunSocial team that allows you to build a professional social network in the fastest and simplest way. ShaunSocial team will take care of technical support for you to have time to focus on business of the site.

To start sign up ShaunSocial cloud, please go here -> Select cloud option and then select package to subscribe.

We have 3 options for you to select like above screenshot. You can select to pay quarterly, annually…. to save up to 20%. Installation service and branding change are Free and included inside the pricing of all options.

Mobile apps are also available with cloud option (premium package) but you have to provide your own developer accounts for us to help you publish the apps under your own branding name.

The site will auto create in a few minutes after the payment is made. Then you can follow the document here to start configuring your own site to make it works follow your needs. After the site is ready, if you’re using premium package we will start working on apps. You will need to pay publishing service here and provide all required info for us to publish apps.

You can use your own domain for your ShaunSocial cloud site by following the instruction here.

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